For all your GNSS testing needs
For all your GNSS testing needs


GNSS RF Record and Playback systems can be used in all forms of GNSS testing. Some of the most common applications are highlighted here.

GNSS Chipset design and software validation: The GSS6425 is routinely used to test new handset designs and software implementations. Batch processing allows pre-record scenarios to be repeatedly replayed in the lab so that statistical analysis of the reported positions can be determined.

Automotive R&D Testing: RF Record and playback systems save engineering teams the time and expense of live sky drive round trials while providing repeatable real-life signals.  Not only are GNSS signals stored but also up to 4 videos, audio and CANBus data.

Software Development: Prove your acquisition strategy and position determination algorithms using repeatable signals on the lab bench. Ideal for stand alone navigation, differential, RTK and post-processing scenarios. User can record GPS and Glonass L1 & L2 in one portable box.

Manufacturing Test: Can be used on production lines to provide repeatable GNSS signals for your units under test.

GNSS RF Record and Playback from Spirent 

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